Jade: Try on the tiger suit already!!!

Because tigers are the shit. It’s like Christmas all up in here! Oh wait… 

Bit of a Homestuck theory here…

So do we all remember when, on this page http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006256 Aradia and Rose wouldn’t let Kanaya stay at the green sun to die, like she wanted, because she “still has important work to finish”? in context, it meant the matriorb, but let’s take into account what else she could do. We all know her title, Sylph of space. According to Aranea later on, sylph is a healing class. And keep in mind, that they’re still in the galaxy frog, which still has cancer. Anyone else seeing the parallels? Kanaya somehow god-tiers, and cures the universe frog.


-Okay, forgot that the genesis frog is dead. However, it was mentioned to me by Blue_cloak that it’s quite possible that she could heal the holes that Lord English has been making in the universe.

-While Kanaya is a rainbow drinker, it is hinted that Porrim has found a way to control the change (and is dead now, so that is possible), and that Kanaya would be able to do so as well.